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Issue 1: August 2016

Issue one: August 2016 

Photo of Limited edition Confluence #1
Limited edition Confluence #1

Our launch issue which had the theme of ‘Memento Fluvium’ (Remember the River) featuring:

Introduction / Prose: Cameron Williamson (London, UK) / Poetry: Nancy Charley (Kent, UK) / Poetry: Rachel Davis (Medway, UK) / Poetry: Sarah Hehir (Medway, UK) / Prose: Tara Moyle (USA) / Poetry: Matt Chamberlain (Medway, UK) / Poetry: Angel Uriel Perales (USA) / Poetry: Zack Davies (Kent, UK) / Prose: David Cramer Smith (Australia) / Play: sean burn (newcastle, uk) / Poetry: SM Jenkin (Medway, UK) / Prose: Dan Horrigan (London, UK) / Prose: Daphne Margolys (Medway, UK) / Poetry: Janine Booth (London, UK) / Featured illustrator: Katarina Rankovic (London, UK)

A few print copies are available to order from Wordsmithery.

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