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Issue one. Featuring Janine Booth, sean burn (a play), Matt Chamberlain, Nancy Charley, David Cramer Smith, Zack Davies, Rachel Davis,  Sarah Hehir, Dan Horrigan, SM Jenkin, Daphne Margolys, Tara Moyle, Katarina Rankovic (illustrations), Angel Uriel Perales, Cameron Williamson. (Full contents available online.) (SOLD OUT – PDF available.)

Issue two. ‘An assemblance of judicious heretics; re:imagining Shakespeare’ – featuring poetry and prose from 33 writers and interpretations of their words by 32 artists. Linked to Wordsmithery’s text-art exhibition. (Full contents available online.)

Issue three. Featuring Matt Chamberlain, Nancy Charley, Maggie Drury (woodcut illustrations), Barry Fentiman Hall, Sam Hall (a play), Mark Holihan, Shaun Philip Hutchings, Philip Kane, Bill Lewis, Daphne Margolys, Maria C. McCarthy, Katarina Rankovic, David Cramer Smith, Spreken, Jonathan Terranova, and Barrie West. You can see some of the writers reading excerpts from their work. (SOLD OUT – PDF available.)

Issue four. Featuring Zack Davies, Maggie Drury,  Angela Dye,  Setareh Ebrahimi,  Jo Eden,  Duncan Grant (illustrations), Aidan Hehir, Sarah Hehir, SM Jenkin, Philip Kane,  Alexander Kolb, Bill Lewis, Rosemary McLeish, Clair Meyrick, Andrés Ordorica, Sam Rapp, Fiona Sinclair, Zoe Stegosaurus, Sarah Tait, Nicky Thompson. (SOLD OUT – PDF available.)

Issue five. Featuring Bengt O Björklund, Matt Chamberlain, Gareth Writer-Davies, Sarah Dixon, Angela Dye, Barry Fentiman Hall, Sam Hall, Emily Harrison, Sarah Hehir, Rei Lindemann, Stephen Lockhart, Rosemary McLeish,  Connor Sansby, Chris Vannoy, Louise Wilford, with art by Heather Haythornthwaite.

Issue 6. Featuring William Bedford, Kitty Coles, Mark Connors, James Costello O’Reilly, Setareh Ebrahimi, SM Jenkin, Rosemary McLeish, Bridget Nolan, Joe Pickard, Ruth Payne, David Subacchi, Niall Shepherd, Fiona Sinclair, Mary Anne Smith, with photos by BFH.

Issue 7. Featuring Gordon Meade, Elizabeth Gibson, Samuel Yearley, Gareth Writer-Davies, Sarah Summerson, Maria C McCarthy, Sarah L Dixon, David Dykes, Rei Lindemann, Rodney Wood, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Dot, Byron Beynon, Chris Hardy, George Aitch, Barry Fentiman Hall, with art by Pev.

Issue 8. Rosie Allabarton, Matt Chamberlain, Kitty Coles, Mark Connors, Jessica Jane Draper, Maya A Horton, Bill Lewis, Chin Li, Rosemary McLeish, Tadhg Muller, Ben Ray, Belinda Rimmer, Derek Sellen. Illustrations by Laura Chuter.

Issue 9. Featuring Paras Abbasi, Sarah Armstrong, Jane Ayres, Dan Cardoza, Natalie Crick, Matt Duggan, Maggie Harris, Andrew Innes, Philip Kane, Patty Lafferty, Gill Lambert, Maria C McCarthy, Rosemary McLeish, Beth Somerford, Hannah Stone, Jessica Taggart Rose, Linda Wilgus. Illustrations by Rosemary McLeish.

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